Have y'all been wondering where I've been??  "It's been a crazy month" doesn't even come close to describing what's been happening around here.

The kitchen was finally finished.  D lost his job.  Our friends who have been interested in buying our house agreed to move forward with the sale ahead of schedule, so that's been happening.  Elevated levels of mold have been found in the kitchen so it's going to get ripped apart (cabinets out and everything), professionally cleaned then put back together again.  That starts on Monday.  Then there's homeschooling.  Regular life stuff.  And the longarm business.

See what I mean??

As you can imagine this has put even more stress on us.  Sometimes I feel like I'm just hanging on!

But today.  Today is my birthday!  My daddy sent me a yellow pitcher full of yellow roses.  And when D and I were in Oregon last weekend we stopped at an outlet mall where I found a sweater...the match to the one that was accidentally shrunk in September.  Plus it was marked down ridiculously!!  (and it's yellow...coincidence?  i think not.)

I'm off to ballet soon and I'm having a birthday celebration by having a sale on everything in my shop!!  If you've been eyeballing something now's the perfect time to snatch it up.  21% off everything!  'Cuz...you know, I'm 21 again.  LOL

You're coupon code is:  21AGAIN17

Here's to hoping things will settle a bit and I can get back to blogging and sewing regularly!


~ h