“You know that place between sleep and awake, that place where you still remember dreaming? That’s where I’ll always love you. That’s where I’ll be waiting.” J.M. Barrie

I love that line from Peter Pan.  It describes perfectly that little clip of time where the ideas for *most* (but not all) of my quilt pattern ideas come together.

For months this star pattern had been floating around in my head but I had zero idea of how to make it work.  Then, one morning, in that place between sleep and awake, it came together.  And I was then fully awake.  I knew.

So...why not a full quilt?

Well...I was too excited to make a full quilt for you.  And it would take forever for me to figure out a whole quilt.

Plus, it's a 16" (finished) block.  Perfect for the small quilt wall hanging craze that is in full swing right now (or I may have just passed it...I'm either too early or too late to the party).

It's perfect for scraps, though fabric requirements are included for yardage.

The pattern is only $5.00.  You could totally make 12 of these blocks into a large lap quilt (you know...three blocks across and four blocks down...) which makes the pattern totally worth the $5.

NEW Pattern!  Triple Star Block by Heather Spence

Here it is in red...pretty great, right?  Can you imagine this as a Quilt of Valor?  How perfect would that be??

You can find it in the shop here on my website or on my Etsy shop...or on Craftsy by the end of the day.  

Please share your block when it's finished!  I want to see what you come up with.  :D


~ h