On Sunday the 5th I went to bed with a smile on my face.  It was snowing.  And a lot.  Like ballet, when it snows I feel 12 again.  I took the dogs out and ran around our front yard like an absolute idiot.

It's soul-satisfying when you get to behave like a child again.  Laughing.  Running.  Feeling alive.

"Get"...I mean...when you DO behave like a child again.

I love being an adult and feeling young.  It's magical.  It's joyful.

There are a lot of times when I write I feel like I'm whining...complaining, even...about the circumstances that are less than ideal.  It's hard to keep some perspective and not be overwhelmed by all that is going on around you and the emotional responses that can be all-consuming.

So I tend not to share.

As a matter of fact, I tend to not say anything.  Except for a few people whom I know love me deeply and I trust implicitly, I wouldn't bare my soul to anyone.  Too much counsel...not enough listening.

It tends to look like my life is perfect because I only share the happy things but, in case you were wondering, it isn't.

Sometimes I wonder if we accept some things as given:  I have one teenager and a tween...we all know life isn't always a bowl of cherries with them around.  House problems.  Work problems...relationship problems (because we all have that one special person, right?)

And in that I feel a responsibility to all of you to be open and honest about what is really going on with me.  I mean...it can't be all about the quilting...right??  But to be open and honest would mean throwing people (yes...there's more than one...lucky me) under the bus and I don't know how to do the one without the other.  My hat goes off to those amazing men and women who can share their stuff without making people automatically hate the person they are talking about.

I don't even know where to start in that department.  So, if you'll kindly let me off the hook, I'll share, instead, about the house and where we're at with moving to Australia.

Yes...that is definitely still on.  (and for those of you who don't know yet...we're moving to australia this summer!)

Currently we are in a Purchase and Sale Agreement with our house.  It's a God-send, really.  They are a lovely family that we've known for some years.  It's been such a congenial process (for the most part) I'm actually really surprised how smoothly it's gone.

The only hiccup has been the discovery of mold in our kitchen.

Seriously.  Not fun.  By any stretch of the imagination.

So we had a professional company come out.  On Monday (yes...with 8" of snow!) they tore out the cabinets and freshly laid floor (that we enjoyed for about a month!), cut out some sheetrock, sprayed mircobial, set up dryers and a dehumidifier, and plastic sheeting to keep everything contained.

Our kitchen...without cabinets or appliances...

Today they've returned and said that it's all dry (YAY!!) and taken away their equipment.  We'll have to re-test to make sure that the mold is gone then start putting the cabinets and flooring back in (harder said than done...you know...things go back in harder than they came out).

24 hours now without a kitchen.  The girls slept over at the neighbors (because, wouldn't you know it...there's a second snow day!) so D and I got Thai take out for dinner last night.  So thankful for healthy take out.  Today I've had a banana for breakfast.  I feel paralyzed by all of it.  With my extensive food allergies it's difficult to make fresh food daily with a fully functioning kitchen...without one it's...well, as I said, paralyzing.  (no worries...i usually bounce out of it quickly.)

As for Australia...once the sale is complete on our house we'll rent it back from the buyers for six months with the intention of leaving mid-July.  The girls girls and I will travel to Colorado then to Texas where we'll meet up with D and take a road trip to Southern California via the Grand Canyon.  I'm looking forward to showing the girls more of our beautiful country.  Once in California we'll celebrate Abi's birthday at Disneyland ('cuz...is there any better place to celebrate one's birthday??  um...no...no, there is not.)  Then we'll head to Sydney.

My heart is VERY happy about this.

The bright spot in in the last couple of days is that I did make progress on my nephews quilt and there's been some headway with the publisher on several of my patterns.  That makes me happy too.

My nephews quilt.  Made with Safari fabric by Jinny Beyer from RJR Fabrics.  My quilt design...though you cant tell with this picture!

And I did manage to finish a scarf that I started knitting far too long ago.  I had to start over at least 10 times.  And unstitched many rows...but I learned a lot and it's very pretty despite the fact that it's too wide and too short!  That's what happens when you're new and don't use a pattern!  (that's an fyi for any of you thinking of taking the art up...)

My finished scarf!!  <3

So there you go...a bit of the struggles I face.  Here's a picture of Max not knowing what to think about the snow.  You'll be happy to know that he decided that it was fun...after watching Tilly bound through, roll in and eat it.  They are funny.  They make my heart light and happy.

My little Maximus not knowing how to feel about snow...Can I come in??

I hope you've had a good start to your week!


~ h