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the energizer bunny

Posted by Heather on September 13th, 2015
sometimes i feel like the energizer bunny.

go.  go.  go...go...

and then, when i stop, i'm uncomfortable with not go-ing.

so even if i'm stationery (like at night when we're watching tv), i'm still working on something.

i dream about just sitting and watching and ...
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custom quilting

Posted by Heather on September 5th, 2015
this last year i've felt like i've given so much time and energy to other parts of my business that custom quilting and, in part, even pantograph quilting have suffered.

i'm sure that you, my sweet, patient and ever-loyal clients, have felt the pinch.

for that i ...
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catching up

Posted by Heather on September 4th, 2015
the last few weeks...okay...this whole summer has been FULL on.

i'm amazed i remembered to breathe.

today, finally, i've caught up a bit.

so here's a bit of what i've been up to (in pictures):

these four patterns are printed!

the two new ones ...
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send heather to houston!

Posted by Heather on August 28th, 2015
it almost feels like a disappointment...

but then i realize there's nothing to be disappointed about.

the kickstarter campaign didn't succeed.

that is, in terms of raising the money we thought we needed to get to houston.

so many reasons...

shortly after launching a friend of mine who ...
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mum's the word tips and challenge

Posted by Heather on August 27th, 2015
if there's one quilt that is amazing made with a jelly roll it's this one.

mum's the word.

seriously gorgeous.

however, there's a trick to dividing the jelly roll up so there are enough pieces.

i'm going to attempt to lay it out clearly how ...
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