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double cross scrappy variation

Posted by Heather on July 2nd, 2015

if you've made it to this blog post you've either purchased the double cross pattern (thank you!) or someone has sent the link to you.

i'd like to share with you how i made my scrappy version of double cross.

Double Cross Scrappy Variation by Heather Spence Heather Spence Designs

i had a bunch of blacks ...
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beautifully square backing tutorial

Posted by Heather on July 2nd, 2015

done poorly and they are the bane of a longarm quilters existence.

done beautifully and your longarmer will love you forever.

for.  ever.

Heather Spence Designs Backing Tutorial

(please excuse the yellow lighting in photos...my overhead lights are on and they are connected to the computer...to turn them off it becomes a ...
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a pressing issue

Posted by Heather on June 29th, 2015

they are tricky guys.

and, there are two camps with pressing:

to the side.

or open.

so...here's what i have to say.

both are beneficial.

and there are good arguments (for lack of better word) for both.

i use a combination of both.

i press to one ...
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Charmed To Be Table Runner and Give-Away

Posted by Heather on June 29th, 2015
you know that moment when you KNOW you've done something but there's absolutely zero evidence.


that was just now.

i started this post but it disappeared into the internet somewhere.

my one word of advice:  save.

in march'ish (might've been april'ish) i came across ...
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one quilt, two quilt

Posted by Heather on June 11th, 2015
heather spence designs pantograph quilting rock-n-roll starz

for awhile there it seemed like all i did was work.
like a rotating door there quilters coming in with work for me to do.
then, shortly thereafter, they were going out happy as a clam.

Heather Spence Designs Pantograph Quilting Herringbone

years and years went by and i worked more and more.

Heather Spence Designs custom quilting

until this month ...
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