one quilt, two quilt, three…

quilt, four.

while the girls were away i quilted.

a lot.

as in, i got through all the client quilts and started on the stack of mine in the closet.

that’s four quilts that are quilted and i also got the bindings on.

shock and awe.


i’ll show you the almost full view of the top three.

the bottom one you’ll just have to wait.

(i promise it’s far more torturous for me than for you but i love a good surprise and this one will be so worth it.)


in the spring after we returned from australia i donated to a local school auction a quilt.

super simple quilt.

here it is…i know the ‘g’ is funky.

really have no idea how that’s supposed to look!



this guy is three years old.

it’s an american heroes quilt.

if you don’t know about them you can find out more at this link:

it’s a great organization that gives quilts to wounded soldiers that have just returned from overseas at joint base lewis/mcchord here in washington.

and the last one to share right now…


this is my new years quilt, 1600 with a twist.

almost finished!!

i’ll post a full pic when the binding is done.

right now the stack is growing but it feels good to have my closet empty (for a change).

not to worry…i’ve got three more projects cut out and three waiting to be cut.


i’m a glutton for punishment.

on the home front:

girls are home from camp and ‘re-entry’ has gone pretty well.


though as soon as they got home friends were at the front door.

today i finally banished the girls to their rooms to rest.

my little introvert (chloe) is turning into a crabapple because she’s not had enough alone time.

abi’s turning into a crabapple because she simply hasn’t had enough sleep.

i’m turning into a crabapple because their crabbiness grates on my nerves.

so i sent the friends away and shoo’ed them to their rooms for books and resting.

i think that come tomorrow everyone will be much (MUCH) happier.


quilt details!

: :

rang quilt:

quilt top from new Stof fabric.

i drew the branch with leaves.

large meander in coordinating signature thread.

90″ warm & white batting

: :

american heroes quilt:

blocks were collected from several quilters so i have no idea where the fabrics came from.

quilted with ‘stars and ribbons’ pantograph.

king tut 100% cotton ‘freedom’ thread.

90″ warm & white batting

: :

new years day mystery quilt ~ 1600 with a twist

strawberry lemonade (me & my sisters designs) jelly roll (super old)

white background

signature 100% cotton white thread

90″ warm & white batting

double bubble pantograph

(as a side note the pattern is almost finished…we’ll let you know when it’s in the shop!)


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