a little down under

i’m behind.

that seems to be the start of every blog these days.

i had computer issues just before we left and i ended up deleting all the cookies in my web browser and lost the link to my blog page.

it was tragic.


but my helpful friend at june lily sent it to me.

and so i thought i’d give you a little look-see at our trip.

just a smathering mind you.

with our friend harriet at the pearl harbor war memorial in honolulu

happy birthday to me!
(in hawaii)

next stop sydney!

at gran and poppy’s

a little crab!
not the girl…she’s too cute to be crabby.

feeding the lorikeets.

well there you go.

that was the first bit of our trip.

will post more…even have some quilt photos.

quilts i made when i first started.

but right now we’re getting lunch made and going to the river in gloucester.

that’s pronounced glah-ster.

this little town is seriously gorgeous!


more later!



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