same pattern, different quilt

one of the reasons i love the mystery quilt.

each quilt is done with the same pattern but the fabrics are all different.

here are a few quilts from the fall mystery quilt.

several mystery quilters used creative license to change the pattern a bit.

you can see that these quilts are dan’s climb (like a stairwell), dan’s walk (straight paths)…

there were sashings added to the quilts and borders changed.

the variety of quilts is astounding and i love how the ladies changed the quilts to suit themselves.

aren’t they all gorgeous?

and amazing?

i love how they all turned out.

stay tuned…more mystery quilts coming in a few weeks!

One Response to same pattern, different quilt

  1. Kim says:

    I really enjoyed looking at all the variations of the same pattern for Fall MQ. That is amazing and so fun to see the differences. Good job Heather and MQ quilters. Can’t hardly wait to see the Spring MQ quilts!


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