label that quilt! tutorial

i’ve been asked to do a tutorial for labels.  :D

but before i go any further lets cover some important facts with labels.

1) they are important.

yeah, yeah.  you are thinking.  but it’s true!

they indicate who made the quilt, when it was made and who it was for.

100 years from now someone will be throwing it on the grass and letting their dog walk all over it if they have no idea the significance of it.

2) you can do anything with labels.

my labels tend to be factual.  but they can be whimsical.

add a quote.  embroider a picture.  add a photo.  use a block from the quilt top that didn’t get used.

they are limited only to your imagination.

3) you can put them anywhere on your quilt.

back.  front.  middle…doesn’t matter.

all right…lets get started.

go to Word and type out what you want to say.

i always center the typing and use a good sized font say ’28’.

then print it out.

i have a ready stash of bleached white muslin squares set aside for labels.

i like a 6″ square.

next place the square on top of the wording, centering the square.

all right, now start tracing onto the fabric.

be sure to use a pen that is made for fabric.

when the label is finished it’ll look like this.

next flip the label over.

fold about a 1/4″ worth of fabric over.  do opposing sides first, then the opposite sides next.

(i like to do the top and the bottom, then the sides.  but that’s personal preference.)

it’s ready to go on your quilt!  (small cheer)

line it up.  i’m particular.

i try to make it as square as i can with the corner.

use a ruler if you need (or want) to!

i always use matching thread…matching with the label, that is.

this is going to be a ‘duh’ statement:  thread your needle.  (told you!)

put your needle underneath the label (not through it), down into the backing (yes, through it but not into the top) and then up and through the very edge of the label.

try to get it as close to the corner as you can.

this is a bit tricky to say so bear with me (especially when I don’t have 75 million photos to illustrate).

with the spot on the backing matching where the thread has come out of the label put the needle down through the backing…but not through the top!  this is the heather-version-label-applique.  lol

bring the needle back up through the edge of the label.

start the process over again.

pick the spot on the backing that matches where the thread is coming out.  go down through the backing and back up through the label.

continue around the entire edge of the label.

keep your stitches tiny.

to finish knot your thread (and i’m thinking that’s another tutorial for later on when i don’t have to pick up the girls), put it down into the backing (but not through to the top) and back up about 1″ away.  gently pull until the knot pops into the fabric and batting.


let me know if you have any questions.

i haven’t slept well the last couple of nights and am finding communicating and interesting endeavor.

thankfully very few people have called today!  lol



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